Vision and Values

The S. Norton Group is driven by its vision and values. This expresses the company’s vision for the future and its aim to make a positive impact on the world.

We are contributing towards a sustainable future by recycling valuable raw materials, processing approximately 1.5m tonnes of metals each year. We provide innovative and efficient solutions for waste metals while prioritising our customers’ requirements and our effect on the environment and local community. 

Our Vision

Recycling responsibly, working together towards a world where nothing goes to waste.

Our Values

Safety: We never accept acts that could harm an individual or the environment

Drive: We all understand our vision, and are dedicated to achieving our goals

Innovation: We adapt to change and develop ourselves to exceed expectations

Integrity: We are trustworthy, doing what we say we will

Respect: We are inclusive, treating each other as we expect to be treated

Resourceful: We achieve high levels of efficiency and find practical solutions to problems