Through continual investment in processing plant and equipment we provide top quality non-ferrous products


Here at S. Norton we appreciate the scarcity of raw materials, which is why we have continually invested in our processing facilities in order to extract the maximum amount of non-ferrous product from our material. By using innovative recycling methods at our processing plants we consistently produce top quality product for our customers.

With our industry experience and dedicated sales team, we are able to organise prompt shipment to your desired location, whilst ensuring that all paperwork is in order to make sure that your product gets to you on time and where you need it.

We pride ourselves on the products and service that we offer, please feel free to contact us by sending an email or by using the enquiry form.

Aluminium products

  • Aluminium Radiators (Tally)
  • Aluminium Wheels (Troma)
  • Cast Aluminium (Tense)
  • Shredded Old Rolled Aluminium (Taint/Tabor)
  • Shredded Twitch
  • Zorba

Copper products

  • Birch Cliff (Refining Copper)
  • Bright Copper Wire (Millberry)
  • Copper Granules
  • Copper Cables
  • Electric Motors (Elmo)
  • Gun Metal (Ebony)
  • High Grade Copper (Candy Berry)
  • Mixed Brass (Honey)
  • Shredded Armatures (Shelmo)

Lead products

  • Lead Sheet Scrap (Radio)

Shredded stainless products

  • Shredded Stainless
  • Zurik


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