In 2007, the Company achieved accreditation to the ISO 9001:2008 Quality standard for both Liverpool Yard and Dock areas and our Manchester Yard. The Company is proud of this achievement and use it to ensure that all business dealings with the Company, whether it is the buying of material or the overseas export, are performed and handled in a professional, efficient manner.

The Directors show their involvement by establishing their targets for the year and are committed to providing their employees with the tools necessary to achieve their goals.

The implementation of the Quality Management System outlined in ISO 9001:2008 has had a positive impact on our business and by continually improving our practices, we strive to improve the service we offer to all our customers.

Quality Statement
S. Norton & Co Ltd. is dedicated to the provision of metal recycling services and products that satisfy its customer needs in terms of quality cost and timing.The Company also understands the global markets it operates within and the various needs of its customer base and employ customer feedback as part of its policy of continuous improvement.The company recognises that quality is the responsibility of every member of its staff and in pursuit of this goal the company and its staff operate within the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.The company sees the development of its people as a corner stone of continuous improvement and operates a policy of training for the future needs of the business.The company furthermore operates within the guidelines of Safety and Environmental policies for the United Kingdom to ensure the protection of its staff and to protect the environment in the public interest.

J. Norton – Managing director
C. Norton – Purchasing director
M. Norton – Technical director