Leaders in innovative recycling and a global exporter, S. Norton Group has finalised the acquisition of two significant sites in Glasgow as part of its ambitious growth plans. 

S. Norton Group’s expansion into Glasgow aligns with its strategic aims to have a presence from end to end in the UK. This investment into a new location enhances the company’s national footprint, bringing the total number of sites to six and significantly increasing the Group’s collective capacity to collect, process and export waste metals from several major urban areas of the UK.

The primary site on the banks of the River Clyde spans 17 acres and is fully equipped with waste metals processing and export capabilities, representing a crucial addition to the S. Norton Group’s operations. 

In addition to the main site, the acquisition includes the Glasgow East site, operating as a feeder facility to the primary location. Glasgow East covers 1.9 acres and specialises in receiving ferrous and non-ferrous metals from both trade and the general public, reflecting S. Norton Group’s commitment to efficient and accessible recycling services. 

The Glasgow sites were previously owned by a metals recycling company. S. Norton Group has ensured a seamless transition, maintaining full operational continuity during the change of ownership. With 100% retention of the current 43-strong workforce, the company has reinforced its commitment to employee retention, now totalling 432 employees across all sites.

The acquisition of the Glasgow sites underpins S. Norton Group’s commitment to sustainability and resource efficiency as it remains dedicated to advancing responsible recycling practices, expanding its impact in critical regions and enhancing its reputation as a leading circular economy business.