We at S. Norton are supporting Johnny Santer and his campaign to bring in the Multi-Storey Car Parks Safety Bill on behalf of his son, Gabriel Jack Santer, or Gabe as he was more commonly known. 

Johnny is campaigning to increase the minimum required height of guarding in multi-storey car parks after his son fell from the top of an open-roofed, multi-storey car park on October 3, 2020. He was just 15 years old. Johnny is also campaigning to make provisions about increasing the height of guarding in existing multi-storey car parks and for them to require 24-hour staffing.

A popular, friendly, and lively young boy, Gabe’s death was as preventable as it was senseless. Johnny is determined to ensure that his son’s death will not be in vain, and wants to guarantee that no other person finds it so easy to fall or jump from an open-roofed, multi-storey car park. 

S. Norton wants to help Johnny achieve that aim and will therefore be supporting his future endeavours in lobbying the Government to bring about these important changes.