1960 – S Norton & Co. was Started by George Harry
aka Ned, buying small amounts of metal and rags at a yard in Reynolds Place.

1964 – Charlie joined the company shortly follow
by John.

1973 – The company had 6 employees and Ned was reaching retirement age, the two sons with their
fathers blessing took control and expanded
the Company moving to Grafton Street, buying
their first crane and stacker truck.

1975 – The company expanded again, moving to the much bigger yard in Flint Street, employing 6 people
and buying an Atlas Crane, Stacker Truck and a small
Hand Guillotine.

1978 – The 500 tonne Shear was purchased with a
staff of 10 people.

1980 – Matt joined the Company after obtaining his Second Engineer’s ticket with Shell and subsequently obtaining his degree in Mechanical Engineering.

1982 – An additional 800 tonne Shear was purchased with a staff of 15 people.

1983 –The Manchester Yard was purchased and
became operational in 1985 with 2,000HP Shredder
with a total company staff of 25 people.

1984 – A dock facility was leased at Garston. Shipping
to Spanish market began with a company staffing level
of 30 people.

1987 – The rail head at Manchester was
re-commissioned enabling shipping of processed
metal by rail.

1988 – A lease was taken out on West Canada dock enabling deep sea shipping with a 1500 tonne Shear
and a staffing level of 35 people.

1991 – Bought the assets of Dalmeijer which gave the company their lease for South 2 Canada Dock and a 3000HP Shredder. Staffing went up to 50 People.

1993 – A Non-Ferrous Processing plant was installed
in Manchester.

2000 – Bankfield Site was developed and facilities commissioned in 2002 with a staffing level of
75 people, including on-line Non-Ferrous processing with a 5,000HP Shredder.

2005 – The ISS plant was installed at Manchester with a staffing level of 100 people.

2006 – Staffing level sustained at 100 People.
The major business being overseas export.

2007 – Company achieves accreditation to ISO 9001:2000 with the VCA.

2008 – New company logo launched, the company’s first & second Liebherr High Rise cranes arrive at Liverpool.

2009 – Company achieves certification to ISO 14001:2004 with the VCA. Received Queens award for enterprise: international trade.

2010 – Continued development at Southampton Dockside facility, encompassing improved stocking & processing capabilities.

2011 – Launch of Shredder Waste Advanced Processing Plant (SWAPP) at Manchester. The company’s third Liebherr High Rise crane arrives at Liverpool.

2012 – The company’s fourth Liebherr High Rise crane has been purchased for Southampton docks. Office refurbishment commences at Manchester.